A plea to the new SG: Stick to your platform

The votes are in. The ballots are counted. The University of Miami’s student body has once again successfully elected its newest political representatives. It’s a good looking bunch, perfect for those group photo-ops that so frequent the to-do list of our student politicians. I have no doubt that these men and women will do their best to try to accurately represent the varied students of UM. Should we expect good press? I think so. All of the elected sport long and varied involvement logs, and (if they stick to their platform) offer us enticing benefits.

But how will the new Student Government mesh with the stern administration of our university as a whole? What stance will SG be allowed to take regarding important issues, like the UNICCO strike, as well as future administration/public quarrels? Most of us know that Annette and crew care deeply about the issue at hand and want to do their best to resolve it with an eye towards morality. Yet, how much can the new SG really do? How will administration members like Richard Walker (student government advisor) influence and effect the future student administration? At what point will the students be stopped and forced to conform to the wishes of the University?

Congratulations “Putting U First” and the student Senate, and best of luck with your trials and tribulations next term. But, as you brush and gel your hair each morning, and paint on your perfect smiles as you greet the day, don’t forget to keep your beliefs and morals at hand. Remember that you, as representatives of the student body, have the responsibility and power to make the changes that the rest of us desire. But most importantly, don’t just become a puppet for the administration. Stick to the ideas that got you elected and, I promise, you won’t disappoint.

Michelle Solove is a freshman majoring in English and psychology. She can be reached at m.solove@umiami.edu.