Wild tales from spring break? UM does it year-round

As colleges get back to the daily grind of classes and push toward finals, some students may still be recovering from a week of various forms of debauchery, a few mistakes, and hopefully many good times remembered between black-outs. For some students at the University of Miami, spring break is a little more unconventional. There are of course the groups of students who fly off or set sail to the Caribbean, Mexico, or home, and for others, it is a week of nothing.

Students at UM have the distinct pleasure of maintaining the spirit of spring break throughout the year. The warm weather, the sunny beaches, the clubs of South Beach, and the bars of Coconut Grove are available to us throughout the school year. A typical Thursday night spent in Coconut Grove then sleeping away Friday at the beach is routine for a ‘Cane but likely a warm dream for many snowed-in New Englanders.

As spring breakers invade our local spots, we retreat. The familiar faces are replaced with pale Northerners stretching the waiting lines and temporarily raising prices. While walking through Coconut Grove during one of the few nights I ventured out with friends, a car full of college girls told us to “Go home, spring breakers.” After my friend whipped out his ‘Cane card, the girls drove off in what I like to think was an embarrassing moment.

After almost being run out of town like a fox from his hole, we ventured to Fort Lauderdale to check out its scene. The city was surrounded by beer, bars, and babes. I had to act like a real spring breaker for one night.

The rest of the week was spent hiding from the crowds. It was welcomed relaxation after the droves of tourists forced you to your home. This past week was a time to unwind and recharge the batteries from the demanding and hectic start of spring semester. For those college students who have not felt warm weather since August, spring break is the week to go all out and capture the spirit of spring to hold them over until summer.

I stopped experiencing seasons eight years ago when my family moved to Florida. This spring break, however, had a new feel. Walking through Coral Gables as one of the sore-thumb tan locals had never felt more gratifying. I was the local. The city of Miami is where I call home. What excites some for a week is another day in paradise for South Florida residents.

Why would anyone want to leave Miami during spring break when everyone comes here? If it is the endless amount of spring breakers, then I can understand why one would want to flee. Spending every spring break in Miami during your years at UM, whether you did anything, is the cheapest way to be in one of the ultimate spring break hot spots.

Sam Rega is a sophomore majoring in motion pictures and philosophy. He can be contacted at s.rega@umiami.edu.