Would you eat purple sausage? Apparently these are all the rage in New Zealand. “Purplos” is a brand of cocktail sausage targeted toward children. Copyrighted as the world’s first purple sausage, only the edible casing is actually purple. The director of the company, Todd Heller, says he was inspired to make these colored sausages after the success of Heinz’ purple ketchup. If you’re still a little creeped out by this mystery meat, don’t worry, it’s actually made of beef and mutton with spices and honey.


Hate public restrooms? Try out a portable urinal instead. “The Pit Stop” has been billed as the first male- and female-friendly urinal system that is specifically designed for truckers that are busy on the road. This product’s press release states, “Pit Stop helps keep the environment clean, saving taxpayers a fortune on roadside cleanup. Since urine bottles are considered a biohazard, expensive hazmat teams are required for cleanup, instead of standard roadside cleanup crews.” Supposedly, if the makers of Pit Stop are trying to promote eliminating unplanned stops, this may mean truckers will be driving with their pants down? Watch out.

Compiled by Martamaria Gomez