Dear V

    Dear V,

    Here is my problem. I’ve met this great guy who I wish I had met three years ago because I’m graduating and leaving Miami and so is he. I met him at the beginning of the semester very randomly at a bar. We’ve maintained a friendship for the past two months, and I’m beginning to realize that I want something more than just a friendship with him. I feel like we have such a strong connection, and I really have never felt this way about anyone before. I think about him constantly, and I always want to spend my free time with him. I think that the feeling is mutual because it seems like we’re always together. Even though things couldn’t get better, I don’t know if it’s worth pursuing something more serious with this guy considering that we are both leaving in two months and going our separate ways (we live on completely different sides of the country). So, is it worth putting myself on the line and risking involvement even though we might not have much time together?

    Perfect Timing

    Dear Reader,

    You can call me a hopeless romantic or a moronic idealist, but I don’t see the problem here. In my opinion, “bad timing” is a lame cop-out especially considering the-hello!-major strides human beings have made in the realm of communication technology in the past century. It’s not as if the mailman rides his pony to deliver the mail these days, and let’s just say that I could very easily develop a relationship with a deliciously foreign stranger that I have never met in the flesh, and who lives halfway around the world via the internet. Did I mention that airfares in the continental United States happen to be exceptionally affordable (as long as you book in advance!)?

    The question is this: Would you be able to live with yourself if you gave this guy up for the sake of “bad timing” and never make another deep connection like the one you’re experiencing ever again? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I’m sure that you’re thinking that it might not be worth all the effort to delve into something intense this late in the game, but I really think that you’re making a big mistake. Sure, you’ll lose your sanity and your patience if something really serious with this guy develops into a long distance thing, but think about everything that you’ll be gaining: good times, intimacy, a confidante, and who knows, maybe even a soul mate too! The possibilities are endless! And, if your relationship with this guy doesn’t carry over into the next phase of your life, then big deal; at least you can say that you spent the last few months of your college career having a lusty blast with a close friend. Honestly, it’s not as if he’ll disappear from the planet once you toss those mortarboards in the air! The only things that you have stopping you from going any farther are your own reserved logic and his lack of desire to get involved in something serious.

    Best of luck!


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