30 Seconds to Mars: a thing of beauty indeed

Simply put, there hasn’t been a better album to come out in quite some time. 30 Seconds to Mars packs a heavy punch with their sonically profound release A Beautiful Lie. Frontman Jared Leto displays a strong voice that heightens the emotionality of each song and accents their music wonderfully. When he roars over the bands heavy sound, you can’t help but feel the force of this four-piece rock and roll steamroller. Jared Leto is of course well-known for being a Hollywood A-lister, with starring roles in “Alexander,” “Fight Club,” “Requiem For a Dream,” and the TV hit “My So Called Life.” With “A Beautiful Lie,” the band’s second album, Leto shows he and his bandmates have the chops to be the next rock gods.

This disc has a short fuse, and it detonates as soon as you pop it in. “Attack” does just that, as this strong opening number rocks at a level seldom reached by modern bands. Elephantine guitar work and guttural screams make this song potent enough to blow back your hair. None of the tracks on this album are overindulgent or drag on too long. In fact, 30STM has a strong power-pop sound that will leave you hitting rewind at the end of every song. Another album highlight is the title track “A Beautiful Lie,” a sensational example of how genuine Leto’s lyrics are.

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