A company called Global Water Ltd. makes a series of products under brand name “Rainbox,” which makes water literally appear out of thin air. They’re actually water condensers, producing water similarly to how water condenses and beads on a glass of ice water. The model edition can make anywhere from five to 25 gallons a day but they can also make larger units that double as air conditioners, and air purifiers, and produce up to 1,500 gallons per day. The amount of water produced depends on air humidity. They also have to be plugged into the wall, running on electricity. In the end, investing one of these bad boys is way more worth it than continually running out to buy bottled waters.


Diaka Vodka is the world’s most expensive vodka, mainly because of its unique diamond filtration process. It’s made in Poland where nearly one hundred diamonds of up to one carat in size are used to filter the spirit. This results in a Vodka with unsurpassed clarity and smoothness. The bottle itself is made with crystals though, not of diamonds. It’s now being distributed by TransBorder Spirits USA, a division of TransBorder Marketing, Inc.

Compiled by Martamaria Gomez