soulful coffeehouse sounds to metal rock: four types of music for four types of moods

Stephen Fretwell is another example of soulful British pop that seems to fit the coffeehouse sound or soulful bluesy stereotype. Breathy and of slow tempo, the 12 tracks are assisted by piano and guitar and have a heavy unplugged sort of feel. Despite the emotional lyrics Fretwell manages to throw in a few curse words that seem a bit awkward and laughable but they fit the tone of the music.

These days it seems as though having “the” in front of a band name immediately qualifies the group for stardom, with The Subways, they’ve earned their title. A mix of hard rock and punk, The Subways three-member mixed sex group focuses on hard guitar and drum sounds for their main beats. Already known for their single, “Rock and Roll Queen,” The Subways are well on their way to stardom.

Their debut album featuring the already popular song, “4Ever,” these two girls manage to be sweet and fierce at the same time. A few songs shy of a 12-track volume of rock ballads, The Veronicas manage to make clich