One nation, under Bluetooth

If we had more limbs and ears, we could take multitasking to a new level and take advantage of everything that the world of technology has to offer. With the latest technology in hands-free headsets for cellular phones, one of our iPod earbuds will have to move aside so our Bluetooth wireless headsets can take over.

Now that the geeky, antiquated, wired, hands-free headsets have given way to the sleek and stylish Bluetooth headsets, talking to yourself has officially become normal. Until Bluetooth headsets become the standard method of cell phone conversations, many people will have some adjusting to do the next time someone is seen arguing with themselves.

As a frequent Bluetooth wearer, I often get awkward stares as I stroll through the aisles of Publix or Target talking on the phone. Passersby often start answering my questions thinking that I am talking to them. Then, they notice that shiny silvery gadget in my ear and laugh at their confusion. It has been a slight adjustment to regulating my cell phone to my pocket, but as I find typing a paper or cooking dinner without having to wedge my phone between ear and shoulder or bother with the annoying earpiece wire, the benefits of Bluetooth technology have never been so rewarding.

Many users keep their comfortable ear pieces in throughout the day. Why waste time putting it on your ear every time a call comes through? Bluetooth headsets, freeing our hands from the constraints of cell phones, now invade activities where cell phone use was often physically impossible. The increase of Bluetooth headsets into the UM gym surprises me. A place to release stress, listen to music, and ignore the world for a few hours, the gym becomes an ideal time to talk on the phone while in an extreme set of bicep curls or an intense treadmill run.

It is not bothersome that someone is on the phone next to me kvetching about their relationship woes, but it saddens me to think that we have become so busy and attached to our cell phones that not even during rigorous exercise can we ignore our phone calls. In many hectic college lives, it is not often during the day that we have time to ourselves.

I am not one to judge when a call is important or where a call should be received, but for now, Bluetooth technology creates more ease than disruption. The verdict is still out on how safe extended cell phone use is for the brain when the phone is kept by the ear. Now, perhaps, we have a way in which we can prevent the possible harmful waves that may cause brain damage.

Just when it was thought that cell phones would never come unglued to ears, Bluetooth headsets made the glue even stronger. What about the dangers of driving while talking on your cell phone? If Bluetooth headsets came free with a purchase of a new car, then perhaps more people would keep their eyes on the road or will they?

Sam Rega is a sophomore majoring in motion pictures and philosophy and can be contacted at