Add the Fray to your permanent playlist

Playing a mix of emo pop and piano-driven rhythms, Denver, Colorado-based foursome The Fray should be your new favorite band.

The band signed with Epic Records in 2004, and has spent the last two years heavily promoting their music across the U.S.-with great success. On tour with geek-image band Weezer and soulful entertainer Ben Folds, The Fray is not lacking the talent to play alongside Billboard favorites, despite their recent breakout. Gaining popularity everywhere from small Denver rock stations to morning MTV videos, The Fray is poised to be the next big thing on the scene. Guitarist Dave Welsh answers a few questions and proves just how much more fans should love this band.

Edge: So since signing to Epic Records, how has your adventure been?

Welsh: The adventure has been really fast and we’re just barely keeping up with it. Fast in a good way.

E: What do you think makes your band different than any other in your category?

W: I think the comparisons bothered us at first, because we were trying to make our own sound. And I think we are different in healthy way. Now we are flattered by references to Coldplay and other bands like them. I think our music is honest. And that’s what we intend, to make ourselves different. I think the best bands grow and change and hopefully five records from now we won’t be making the same music because our tastes will have changed.

E: What specifically do you like about your music? Do you have a favorite song on the album?

W: You get pretty sick of the songs after playing them for so long. We’ve been playing the same songs for two years now, but I think you can take away something from songs like ours. Right now, I think we have the most freedom with the song “Trust Me,” we just kind of let loose and let it go where it wants to.

E: How has it been touring with and meeting bands like Weezer and Ben Folds?

W: Both of those tours were a trip. I don’t think there were more than two or three shows that I watched them and the fans love them. Weezer is great on stage and like them; I only got to see Ben Folds a few times but he is great to watch because he is such a great entertainer.

E: Where do you see the band in two years? Five years?

W: I hope that the band matures and I hope that our music is different than it is now, whatever form that may be. The [bands] that are a flash in the pan stay the same, with the same music. Not to be clich