Elsewhere – Research shows excessive drinking may lead to cancer

(U-WIRE) RALEIGH, N.C.-Last week, the results of research done by the International Agency for Research on Cancer were released to the public, stating that too much drinking raises the risk of certain types of cancer, including mouth, larynx, esophagus, liver, colon and breast. This is just another example of how things done in excess can lead to harmful side effects.

The study done by the IARC showed that while many believe total abstinence from drinking would solve this problem, that is not the case. Other research done over the years has proven that when done in moderation, drinking can help combat and even prevent cardiovascular diseases.

According to the World Health Organization, in 2000, alcohol was the cause of death of 185,000 men and 142,000 women in developed countries. Yet in the same year, alcohol prevented the deaths of 71,000 men and 277,000 women.

“Everything causes cancer in excess,” Matthew Veety, a senior in electrical and computer engineering, said. “People just need to learn to drink responsibly. Moderation is the important key.”

Even the American Heart Association does not have a concrete answer other than that drinking excessively will cause negative health effects. Yet at the same time they admit drinking does have some positive side effects.

Both the AHA and the IARC recommend watching how much you drink. While the substances in alcohol may have scientific benefits, the same benefits can be obtained through regular exercise, according to the AHA.