Editorial – Don’t like SG? Make a difference

With precious weeks remaining before this year’s Student Government elections, it appears student apathy is prepared to step in once again. For the second year in a row, elections are shaping up into a two-horse race, this time between SG veterans, one from the legislative branch and one from the judicial. While both candidates are entirely qualified for the position, one must wonder: With thousands of undergraduate students concerned with the current state of the U, why do so few decide to vote?

Which immediately raises another question: Why do so few decide to run? There are those who point to the difficulty of overcoming Greek-dominated politics, but this excuse is as legitimate as an Ashlee Simpson performance. Great ideas win, period. Many fail to acknowledge that we no longer walk the halls of Popularity High School, where ideas are secondary to who’s dating Johnny Football Hero. Platforms should be of substance, even if they include ideas that don’t come to fruition, such as free towels and wireless color printing.

Is this to say that false promises should be commended? Not at all. In fact, the aforementioned promises were hardly false; someone with convictions, such as Pete Maki, wins by coming up with great ideas, and promising to do his best to get them to pass. The sad truth is that doing your best sometimes doesn’t get things done.

And that is why students are afraid to run-because they are afraid that their great ideas will be squelched. In truth, they should be motivated to run, knowing that their great ideas can be remembered.

Students, the new deadline for applying for candidacy for SG elections is Friday, Feb. 17, at 5 p.m. Consider the difference you could make for others.

And consider the difference you could make for yourself.