We Are Scientists ready to follow in the footstes of other emo bands

With a love for kittens and edgy emo beats, We Are Scientists fall closely in the same category as already popular favorites Franz Ferdinand, the Shins and the Thrills. With With Love and Squalor, the group starts with head-bopping beats that singsong scream about fallen relationships, the cycle of life and seemingly real life-relationships.

Drum and guitar provide the heavy rhythms that do not drift far from those of other emo bands; sending any listener into an awkward spiral of head bobbing and foot tapping. Pleasantly surprising, We Are Scientists manage to incorporate some creative and very catching lyrics. In track three, titled “Can’t Lose,” the song starts out, “The party is alright, I might want to stop drinking, what were we talking about.” Despite the lack of insight in the opening line, the song speaks to those who find themselves caught up in the spiraling world of drugs and drinking.

Regardless of the depth or the seeming similarity to other emo bands that so frequently populate the current billboard charts, We Are Scientists communicates strong lyrics and an extreme musical talent. Listeners won’t have to wait long to see this band on MTV and VH1.

Joanna Davila can be contacted at j.davila1@umiami.edu.