Every single night, without fail, I try to either (1) be somewhat studious or (2) get some sleep. And, every single night, without fail, I am distracted by the noise of whoever is sitting outside of Mahoney/Pearson tryin’ to be a cool kid blasting their bass like we all want to listen to it. I don’t know who it is, and I don’t know why they feel like I want to hear their crappy music on the third floor, but it’s really obnoxious. I hate to be the old woman who calls security to keep these youngsters under control, but seriously, shut up. If I wasn’t a 5’3” skinny little blonde girl I’d be out there trying to put a stop to it, but unfortunately, I have a feeling these guys are much larger than me.

Seriously. Please. Shut. Up.

Some of us have stuff to get done.

And all of us hate your music.

Ashley Davidson