Jones gives the scoop about recruits

The Hurricane recently sat down with wide receiver Khalil Jones, who hosted recruits on campus before Wednesday’s Signing Day.

The Hurricane: Khalil, is everything fine with your bank? You have been on the phone with them all morning.

Khalil Jones: Yes, finally, and I hope they don’t try to prosecute me for something I didn’t do. [Laughs]

TH: You went through the recruiting procedure two years ago. Looking back at it now, what did you like about it?

KJ: It was better back then, I think, because we got to stay at a nicer place. Basically, though, it’s the same. They show you a good time here, show you the sites of Miami. I’m from Miami, so it wasn’t all so fascinating, but it was nice to get to meet the coaches one-on-one.

TH: Who was your guide from the football team back then?

KJ: I had Roscoe Parrish and Kyle Wright too.

TH: What about this year’s recruiting class? The coaches assigned some players to you-who were they?

KJ: George Robinson, but it was me, Lance [Leggett] and Sam Shields hanging out together.

TH: What did they think about UM?

KJ: Sam is pretty quiet; he didn’t say much, but George told me that he loved it and that he was confident that he is coming. He considered it a blessing for him that Miami considered him to come here, which kind of reminds me of me. Going back to Sam, he’s cool-kind of reminds me of Roscoe, quite elusive.

TH: Larry Coker has some critics about this class who are saying he didn’t bring in enough wide-outs. What is your take on this class?

KJ: I really think it’s an excellent class, mainly because of the character that they have. I have met most of them and they pose strong character. That’s one thing that Coach [Coker] preaches and demonstrates is character. It’s once these players get here and the work that they are going to put in to be great. Four-star, five-star, that’s all good, but what are you going to do once you get to college? The hype can only carry you for so long and actions and results are going to have to follow.

TH: Name the one breakout player in this recruiting class.

KJ: Only one? [Laughs]

TH: Who is the player that could be a future Ed Reed or Ken Dorsey, the guy who has that fire?

KJ: Oh man, throw out some names for me.

TH: The guys I think are going to make a big impact are Colin McCarthy, Sam Shields, Javarrius James, Ryan Hill.

KJ: Definitely. That’s him, Ryan Hill. I expect him to come in here and work hard. I also expect him to work harder, because around here you can’t say much as a freshman. I’m pretty sure with his talent he’s going to do some good things for this university. I like Ryan Hill. Great things are going to happen.

Richard Lavi