Pick up the paper every Friday to read the Public Safety call log and learn ways to protect yourself and your belongings.

Safety Tip of the Week:

Outdoor Activities

When biking, jogging, roller-skating or participating in other outdoor activities remember the following:

 Choose a route in advance that is safe and populated

 Always carry proper identification

 Advise a loved one or a friend the route you will be taking so they will know where to look for you in an emergency

 Vary your route and activity schedule so that your behavior is not predictable

 Avoid pursuing outdoor activities after dark

 Know businesses that are open and the locations of the nearest police or fire stations along your route

 Keep your exercise gear in good repair and carry the necessary tools in case of an emergency

 Consider carrying a personal alarm and a cell phone.

If you are a victim of a crime, call the Department of Public Safety at 305-284-6666 or if calling from a campus phone dial 8-6666.


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