‘Canes are for real’

The Hurricane sat down with senior guard Robert Hite, who is second on the team in points per game with 16.2.

The Hurricane: Coming into your senior year, what goals did you set for yourself and the team and have you met those goals?

Robert Hite: For myself just to be consistent and do what I have to do to go to the NCAA Tournament, which is our main focus this year because we have the talent and the ability. We just have to come out and be ready for every game like we have done for the past few games.

TH: This off-season you kind of changed your game. Instead of settling for more jump shots, we see you slashing and attacking the rim more. What made you change styles?

RH: I worked very hard in the off-season on my ball handling and attacking the basket, which is something I need to do to help this team get better.

TH: Andy Katz didn’t have you on the board in his first mock draft. Do you think that your recent play could get you on there?

RH: I’m not really worried about that right now. I just have to continue to do what I have been doing. People will continue to see me play and see how hard I’ve worked and how much I have improved from last year to this year and hopefully everything works out for the better.

TH: Where do you think you’ll be taken?

RH: I have no idea honestly-hopefully first round. It doesn’t matter if it is early or late as long as I get my foot in the door; it will give me the opportunity to get me to the next level.

TH: You guys are back in the thick of things and might see the tournament for the first time since the 2001-2002 season. How exciting is it to have the chance to take Miami back to the Big Dance?

RH: With the teams we’ve beaten and support we have been getting lately, it is very exciting. We just have to continue to stay humble and focused in order to continue to win.

TH: What is the biggest difference between the Darius Rice days and the Lethal Weapon Three (Harris, Diaz, Hite) days?

RH: We are a lot closer this year as a team. We do a lot of stuff off the court together. Most of us have been playing together for the past three years and me, Gary [Hamilton] and Eric Wilkins have been playing for the past four. We have the experience and we know what it takes.

TH: People call you “Flight” for your emphatic dunks. Is there any chance we see a Vince Carter between-the-legs dunk this year?

RH: [Chuckles] Between the legs! I don’t know about all that, but I’ll try and give you something different on the next fast break. I don’t know about in-between the legs.

TH: I’m giving you the final word on this, are the Miami Hurricanes “for real”?

RH: Definitely.definitely.

Richard Lavi