The Forecast is promising

To best describe The Forecast’s Late Night Conversations, one could simply say “real.” There is something so real about The Forecast because of songs such as “These Lights” and “Fade In Fade Out,” which showcase their intensity and ability to create a truly nostalgic feel in their music. Their lyrics really hit the listener and are easy to relate to.

Already a diverse album, deviating between acoustic and electric guitars, fast and slow melodies, The Forecast also makes use of dueling male and female vocals. This is rarely successful for most indie groups, but The Forecast uses this dynamic to create a pure sound that adds character and works almost flawlessly. Singers Dustin Addis and Shannon Burns intertwine their voices with such ease that they manifest as a sort of “conversation” within each song. Their lyrics range in topic from small-town woes in the Midwest, to falling in love, to settling down. While their themes can be somewhat repetitive, each song is full of individuality that makes it a worthy listen.

Don’t be fooled; this is not just another poppy emo album written by 16-year-old boys. The Forecast has a definite rock feel and the band brings a lot to the table, both lyrically and instrumentally. Combine heartfelt lyrics with a few catchy guitar riffs, undying energy, and some real musical talent, and The Forecast has a formula for success. Expect bigger and better things to come from The Forecast, and do yourself a service and pick up this album.

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