Salminen shines at Art Festival

The annual Beaux Arts Festival is more arts and crafts than art, but artist Natalie Salminen shined among the others with her visually and mentally appealing paintings.

After almost nine years of off-and-on-again schooling, Salminen finally graduated college with a degree and a wealth of travel experience, ready to tackle the world. Then, three years ago Salminen says she made the decision to make painting her priority: “I thought about it and then finally decided; all right I’m going to try and be an artist.”

Unpretentious and truly inspired by her works, any observer can tell that Salminen’s work is not in typical fashion for an Arts Festival. She works mostly with oils and acrylics, making sleek designs with bright colors, words and big canvases. Using nature themes, Salminen says most of her inspiration comes from where she lives. “I live in a little trailer in Big Cypress National Perserve, where I paint. Most of the motifs for my paintings come from those surroundings.”

In addition to her appealing works, Salminen had the only booth at the Beaux Art Festival that allowed attendants to step into another realm, tranforming her booth into more of a gallery space.

To own one of Salminen’s works, prices range from $725 to $1,900. Despite the dollar signs the price is worth the product as Salminen’s pieces are timeless and alluring. For more on Natalie Salminen, visit

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