Isn’t it great that when someone goes out of their way to get something they really want, they are labeled as weird, fanatical and outright crazy? With black Friday behind us, many are looking back and saying: “Wow, what idiots.” Let’s get something straight, though: I’m not condoning the fact that an old woman got trampled at a Wal-Mart, but that was a freak accident and if one person out of the billions that went shopping was killed, then I think statistically, it’s all gravy, baby. Plus, have you seen the types of people who shop at Wal-Mart at night? You’d have to be crazy, with no teeth and three nipples, to even fit in.

I admit, I was at Best Buy at 2 a.m. waiting in line to save money on an item I had saved up for. It was something I really wanted, and I was given the opportunity to save money at the expense of losing a few hours of sleep. But no, apparently I and the 500-plus people who were there are crazy too and as many others have put it, “have nothing better to do.” I’ll admit, when it comes to electronics, I am a consumer whore, but I think it’s a tad ridiculous when others call us out on an activity that happens once a year and in terms of gaming consoles, once every three or four years.

They look down on us because we didn’t sleep a full night and got up early to go shop. What amuses me the most is that while most of them say, “You got up at 2 a.m. to go shop, that’s so stupid,” most of them are the same ones who constantly get home at four, five or six in the morning from a night of dancing and drinking. Too bad the happiness brought on by such activities is fleeting, and when they wake up they regret ever doing it. Shame that while you regret your night of debauchery and the fact that you didn’t get much sleep either because you’re laying in a pool of your own puke; I can, on a daily basis, see and use what I bought and receive joy from it. I win.

Tons of people criticized those who camped out to be the first ones to get their hands on a new system. Why do people camp out? The same reasons you wait in long lines at the theater for a new movie, you go out and buy the latest fashions and you watch the newest episode of Nip/Tuck. You enjoy what you’re getting, you become socially acceptable in your little subculture and most importantly, bragging rights.

Before you go out and point fingers at the person who camped out for an Xbox 360 or saved money at an early morning sale, think about what exactly you’re making fun of and relate it to what you like. You may find out that they both have many things in common.

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