Dreary, melodramatic emo Sleepwalker disappoints

Emo duo JamisonParker have finally released their first full-length album after exploding onto the indie music scene in 2003 with their brilliant five track EP, Notes & Photographs. Too bad bandmates Jamison Covington and Parker Case put listeners to sleep with their latest album, Sleepwalker, with dreary lyrics and lethargic instrumentals.

One quick scan at the playlist of Sleepwalker will make anyone roll their eyes at the sheer melodrama that drips from the song titles alone. “Emergency Room Romantic”? “Slow Suicide”? Please. Life just isn’t all that bad! The actual lyrics don’t redeem these songs, either. The first track, “Alcohol and Bandages” is full of cringe-worthy lyrics like, “Sleeping’s overrated, we lie awake and cry/If this is love, then kill me now and save me from my life” and the abysmal repetition of “Just close your eyes, everything will be ok.” The over-the-top emo drags down the energy level of the entire album. Sleepwalker errs far too heavily on the dark side, resulting in a boring, ridiculously emotive string of songs that drag with thudding, laborious tempo.

The only real display of the band’s capabilities is the chipper romantic ditty “Paper Rock Scissors” that gives a glimpse into hopeful, long-distance college love. There are some upbeat moments of light in “Best Mistake” as well,and the romantic appeal of “Here’s Everything I’ve Always Meant to Say” gives the latter half of the disc a glimmer of hope. Unfortunately, as a whole, Sleepwalker disappoints. Perhaps Covington and Case should get together, hug, cry and start working on perking up for their next body of work.

Hannah Bae can be contacted at h.bae@umiami.edu.