Elsewhere – Universities staying in touch with students by cell


(U-WIRE)-College students have come to view cell phones over the years as a social need. Before long, they may find them to be an academic necessity as well.

In collaboration with mobile phone technology firms, some universities are looking to make cell phones an extension of their digital information systems, allowing students to keep up-to-date on campus information while on-the-go.

This fall, Montclair State University, the City University of New York and the University of South Florida teamed up with Rave Wireless to develop campus-based networks that let students access anything from class schedules to cafeteria menus directly from their cell phones. Ten additional schools are set to launch systems with the company next semester.

The services allow universities to issue text message alerts to students in the case of class cancellations or campus emergencies. Moreover, student organizations can register with the system to keep their members posted on upcoming events.