I am a UM parent who regularly reads The Hurricane online. While I have not always agreed with Donna Shalala’s politics, I think she has been an outstanding university president. Inviting Ralph Reed to speak at UM in the interest of exposing students to differing viewpoints bears witness to her wisdom and her ability to put education above personal bias. I don’t even know if my student attended the presentation, but, as a “values voter” myself, I certainly appreciate the fact that he had the opportunity. Thank you, President Shalala.

Dr. Carroll Brennan

Stuart, Florida


I am very disappointed in The Hurricane for not mentioning anything about Veteran’s Day on its Friday, Nov. 11 issue. I personally know three vets that attend the University and there are students here who are volunteering to serve their country once they graduate from this institution. I am one of them. What about the students in the AFROTC program, or the Army ROTC students on campus, or the few of us who attended Officer Candidate School for the Marines? It’s a shame The Hurricane couldn’t recognize those who have sacrificed so much for this country.

On a side note, in the movie review for Jarhead the author refers to the main character as a “soldier” in the “army.” This is wrong, the character is a Marine in The Marine Corps. Know the facts before writing a review.

John (Brad) Tatum