Coach’s Corner

You guys went through some Georgia Tech preparations earlier this season before the game was cancelled. Has anything changed since then?

Not a lot has changed. I think they’re very similar. We do have a couple more game tapes that we can go off of. We’ve broken those tapes down and evaluated them, but not a lot has changed from what we’ve seen.

Kyle Wright had a career day at Wake Forest. Do you still see him improving week by week?

No doubt about it. I expected him to improve week by week, and that’s what’s in his future. He’s still a young player and we expect him to get better week by week.

Javon Nanton has re-emerged at defensive end. What do you like about him?

He plays very hard, he’s experienced; he’s an older player and really has a knack for that first quick step off the edge when he’s rushing the passer.

How do you get your guys to not talk too much about post-season possibilities?

I think we have to let them know, even though I think they do know this, that we haven’t won anything yet. We’ve been around these types of situations before. Playing for national championships, trying to get into that mix and knowing we have to win every week, so it’s really not new to us. So they pretty much understand that.

Day or night games at the Orange Bowl and why?

I think the night games are special, especially against an opponent like this, because I think we get the crowd out and they can really ride us and get into it, which gets our guys pretty motivated.

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