Coach’s Corner

How do you get your team to not overlook Wake Forest after such a big win?

It’s not that hard because we haven’t gotten to where we all want to get to at the end of the season yet. And when we look at Wake Forest, they have some pretty good talent, so we definitely can’t take them lightly.

What impressed you the most on Saturday?

The intensity with which our defense played I think was tremendous and really helped our football team win that game.

Tyrone Moss is done for the season with an ACL injury. Do you see the running back job being in the hands of only Charlie Jones or a combination of all the backs?

Well our number one guy now is Charlie Jones, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see Derron [Thomas] or Andrew Johnson. And we also have to throw Quad Hill in there too.

When looking at Wake Forest, how much do you go back to the tape from last year’s game to see what worked so well in the blowout win?

We definitely go back to take a look, but one of the main things we do is look to see if they are doing the same things this year as they did last year.

Did Marcus Vick have an off day, was it the tremendous defense, or a combination?

Well I don’t know about Marcus; you’d have to go ask him if he had an off day, but our defense was so quick and just played tremendous. They definitely took Vick out of what he likes to do.

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