UMNEWS – Cosford Cinema rededication includes improvements and special showings

The University of Miami School of Communication rededicated the Bill Cosford Cinema, a state-of-the-art theater used for instructional and public exhibition programs on the University’s campus.

The Cinema was named after Bill Cosford 10 years ago. Cosford was a popular adjunct professor in the School of Communication’s motion pictures program. He also served as film critic and arts writer for the Miami Herald from 1973 until his death from pneumonia in 1994 at age 47. He championed for the Beaumont Cinema, which was the theater’s former name, operating as a fully operational art film house for the public. Cosford felt that the cinema was something the area desperately needed.

In time for the rededication, the Cosford Cinema installed a new sound system, Dolby Surround Sound 5.1 digital, and a new Norelco projector that allows projection of both 35 mm and 70 mm films.

The rededication will continue with free Sunday 3 p.m. screenings of the films Cosford loved. These include Jurassic Park on Nov. 6, Schindler’s List on Nov. 13, Blade Runner (Director’s Cut) on Nov. 20 and Howard’s End on Nov. 27.