Freedom of speech and expression is something that we should all pride ourselves with. We all value this right. Recently, WVUM apologized for timing their show Counterpoint during National Coming Out Day after picking a subject that dealt with gay rights.

As a member of SpectrUM, I was extremely offended by the show, as many of my peers were. While we complained to WVUM, we in no way, shape or form criticized their freedom of expression. As SpectrUM, we obviously value and cherish our freedoms of expression.

The problem was not the timing; it was the unbalanced manner in which the show was presented. The show is called Counterpoint, not Onepoint. If you have an extremely conservative host, it only stands to reason that you would have a liberal co-host to present the counterpoint. This, however, is not the case.

We strongly encourage intelligent debates on all issues, including GLBT rights. But when bad journalism and unbalanced debate happens, I think we have a right to issue a complaint.

To WVUM, thanks, but not for the apology. We respect you as a great resource to UM, but for me, the half-hearted apology was not enough. You obviously do not care about balanced programming and because of this, you have lost a listener.

Max Kelerstein

SpectrUM Senator