Coach’s Corner

What would you have liked to see done differently in last week’s game?
I would like to have seen them be more efficient. There were times where we didn’t block people and weren’t efficient. It was disappointing because we get practice time, and I think because of that, we should have been more efficient.

Now that defensive line coach Greg Merk is gone, do you see your linemen being worried or upset from what transpired this week?
I don’t see that, but anytime you have change there’s a concern. I think that they know [defensive coordinator Randy Shannon] very well and he’s been working with them all year long. There’s definitely a comfort level that they will achieve.

What worries you the most about the Yellow Jackets?
They are an experienced team with 10 starters back on defense. They’ve got outstanding skill players with a great quarterback, two outstanding wide receivers, one of which [Calvin Johnson] may be the best wide receiver in the country. They also may have the best running back [P.J. Daniels] in the ACC. So they have tremendous talent, and if they can look real good in a win at Auburn in such a hostile environment, they can win anywhere and they certainly have our attention.

The last couple of weeks were used to work on improving things with the team. Where have you seen the most improvement?
I think for sure our defense continues to improve, as we’re playing with a lot of confidence. I think Kyle Wright continues to get better, and we’re getting to play a lot of guys which makes the morale of the team high. When you get to do that, morale seems to pick up around here.

Do you care that the NHL is back in action?
[Laughs] Well you know what, I’m not really a hockey fan, so it really hasn’t affected me. But I’m sure for a lot of people, it means a lot of jobs and opportunities to enjoy professional hockey.

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