UMNEWS – UM professor joins council to protect Florida’s coastline

The University of Miami Rosenstiel School’s Tom Lee is one of 15 ocean and coastal experts appointed to a new Florida council that will be challenged with protecting Florida’s marine waterways and shorelines.

The state of Florida announced that the council appointees will develop priorities for ocean and coastal research and establish a statewide ocean research plan. According to the state’s news release, “the group will also coordinate public and private ocean research for more effective coastal management.”

Lee is a research professor of meteorology and physical oceanography at the Rosenstiel School and has spent a large portion of his career studying the Gulf Stream and its influence on Florida’s coastal waters.

Lee holds doctoral and master’s degrees in physical oceanography from Florida State University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida. He has been associated with the University of Miami since 1970.

His research involves experimental/observational studies of ocean currents, ranging from local coastal currents to large-scale western boundary currents.