Quarterbacks: A-

Besides two fumbles, Kyle Wright was perfect in little more than a quarter of action. I was disappointed Kirby Freeman was not able to get into the end zone at all.

Running Backs: C-

Tyrone Moss only carried the ball six times in Saturday’s win. I do not care if the score is 70-3; Moss should get the ball much more than six times.

Wide Receivers: B+

Sinorice Moss might play his way into the NFL down the stretch. He has exceptional speed, great leaping ability and a knack for the big play, like his 92-yard touchdown catch.

Offensive Line: B

The first unit handled itself well, although Temple’s pass rush was nonexistent. After four easy victories, the o-line will be tested against Georgia Tech. The run blocking is still not where it needs to be.

Defensive Line: A

Eric Moncur and Baraka Atkins were harassing Temple’s quarterbacks throughout the game. The second unit did a good job pressuring the passer as well. This d-line has to be one of the deepest groups in the nation.

Linebackers: B

I did not hear Jon Beason’s or Romeo Davis’ names called very frequently, but that is because they did not have to do much. Temple running back Umar Ferguson did gain 77 yards, with most coming on simple inside draws that caught linebackers out of position.

Secondary: B

It is hard to believe that Miami won a game 34-3 and the secondary did not pick off a single pass. Brandon Meriweather and the rest of the gang can enjoy a day off, but they will need to force some turnovers in conference play.

Special Teams: B

Devin Hester finally broke through for a punt return touchdown in the first quarter. Jon Peattie missed a 43-yard field goal and an extra point, the first missed PAT of his career. Those misses cannot happen the rest of the way.

Coaching: B-

Larry Coker said after the game that many players were unhappy with the play of the second and third teams in the second half. The coaching staff must do a better job of preparing the back-ups in case a starter goes down.

Compiled By Eric Kalis