Pussycat Dolls deserve to be on the top of the charts

Topping the charts across the world, the Pussycat Dolls have come a long way from where they started. The six ladies, led by 27-going-on 20-year-old lead singer Nicole, have taken over the radio waves and the billboard charts, causing a buzz wherever they go. Their new album, PCD, is 12 tracks of pure pop, solidifying the group’s spot in the recording industry as a powerhouse girl group. Their first single, “Don’t Cha,” featuring Busta Rhymes, starts the CD, followed by tracks and tracks of deep beats and edgy lyrics. First known as an L.A. cabaret for young Hollywood to guest star and shake it, this album proves the talent of these ladies.

The songs carry a similar beat, making the transition from track to track smooth. Aside from the talents of the girls themselves, guests producers spice up the songs and the mix of slow and fast create a good tempo. The final songs on the CD are remakes of old classics. Songs such as “How Many Times, How Many Lies,” “Bite the Dust” and “Right Now” are revived with the sultry sounds of the girls’ voices and exaggerated beats. The best remake by far is “Tainted Love,” which seemingly carries a stronger sounding base tone than the original.

Compared frequently to the Spice Girls, these ladies seem to have more staying power than those before them and their success is from true talent. Overall the CD is a good mix of old and new that is sure to last and the twisted remakes of classic songs are just too good to pass up.

Joanna Davila can be contacted at j.davila1@umiami.edu.