The Academy Is… has some fresh new sounds

The Academy Is… has grabbed the attention of many pop-punk fans, and if you attended the Warped Tour this summer, you have probably heard a little something about them too. Their debut album, Almost Here, has earned them scores of new fans and rightfully so. The album mixes energetic lyrics with catchy and upbeat instrumental work and separates itself from the rest of the pack with the sincerity of the music. It isn’t your typical up and coming, superficial pop-punk band. Upon listening to their music and reading about the band, it becomes clear that they have an honest passion for music. Many of their lyrics express the band’s desire for success and relay the idea of reaching for your dreams while being true to yourself.

The music of The Academy Is… can be appreciated by most. With songs such as “Season” and “Skeptics and Believers,” the band encourages its fans to discover their true selves and to never be afraid of what’s ahead. While most albums have only a few quality songs, Almost Here is strong from start to finish. From the first strum of the guitar to the last set of vocals it is clear that The Academy Is… loves making music, which is refreshing in today’s money and fame driven entertainment industry.

With music that is so genuine and energizing, their debut album, Almost Here, really is worthy of more attention. “Well they can love it or leave it or rip it apart. We’re living while we’re singing,” sings front man William Beckett. For now, The Academy Is… is already here.

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