Elsewhere – FBI turns to colleges

WASHINGTON-This fall, the FBI will begin looking to college campuses in the effort to protect national security with a new program announced last week.

On Sept. 15, FBI Director Robert Mueller announced the creation of the National Security Higher Education Advisory Board, a group of 16 presidents and chancellors from major American universities that will foster communications between the FBI and the nation’s colleges.

The Board will place a special focus on helping the government to understand the cultural side of higher education. FBI Spokesman Bill Carter said such “open dialogue” will help the government to identify international potential security risks within the college community.

Of particular concern to the FBI is protecting the information produced by millions of dollars of grant-driven research conducted at such universities. This often includes work in the fields of energy, defense and other critical areas.

Additionally, the new program could be a springboard for students looking to enter fields in national security. Officials said the Board may be used to create courses that prepare students for a career with the federal government.