Soccer loses to N.C. State

Thursday night marked the opening of the ACC season for the Miami Hurricanes women’s soccer team against North Carolina State. The Hurricanes fell 1-0 in double overtime.

In the middle of the second half, heavy rain fell and made the field virtually unplayable. The ball was skidding all over the field and stopping before it got to its intended target. These conditions made it hard to control possession and set up the shots that Miami wanted.

“In all of my years as a coach,” said Head Coach Tricia Taliaferro, “this is probably the worst rain I have ever seen.We expected it would come and we chose to go with the wind in the first half.”

The only goal of the game came at the 105-minute mark and it all began with a corner kick. The ball was kicked inbounds by Lindsey Vera to Carol Tognetti, who fired a wayward shot. The ball was then deflected in traffic and came back to Tognetti, who was able to get her own rebound and shoot past UM goalkeeper Lauren McAdam, who was out of position from trying to make the initial save from the first shot.

“It’s unfortunate that we gave up the game-winner off a corner kick because I felt like we did an excellent job defending the corners and throw-ins all night,” Taliaferro said. “There were a lot of good individual efforts by our girls.”

Miami’s biggest difficulty was getting shots on goal. In regulation, only one shot actually made it on goal, which was saved by N.C. State goalkeeper Kim Selz in the 88th minute. In total, the Hurricanes could only muster three shots on goal by the end of the match.

“We created some chances,” Taliaferro said. “It just didn