Quarterbacks: B+

The only thing preventing Kyle Wright from getting an A is the several passes he threw that were batted down by Colorado’s defensive line. Otherwise, Wright has shown through three games that the hype surrounding his arrival at UM was justified.

Running Backs: C

Colorado did a good job of shutting down Tyrone Moss, but the Hurricanes only gave him the ball 14 times, choosing to let it fly on 39 plays. Quad Hill had a nice game, gaining 55 yards on four carries.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: A-

Seven receivers caught balls for the Hurricanes. Sinorice Moss was exceptional, and Lance Leggett had his best outing of the season.

Offensive Line: B+

After bashing the o-line for two straight weeks, I must now tip my cap to the unit for not giving up a single sack on Saturday. The run blocking still needs improvement, however.

Defensive Line: B

There were not many big plays from the defensive line, but players like Kareem Brown and Calais Campbell did a nice job of penetrating Colorado’s offensive line and harassing Joel Klatt.

Linebackers: B

Jon Beason, who struggled against Florida State, was much better against the Buffaloes. It was nice to see Willie Williams get more snaps as the strong-side linebacker.

Secondary: A

I had nightmares on Saturday about the viscous hits Ken Phillips and Brandon Meriweather were making on Colorado’s receivers. Greg Threat should get used to a backup role, because Meriweather and Phillips should be playing every down together. Someone in the press box said that Meriweather has been Miami’s best player this season. It’s hard to argue against that right now.

Special Teams: B-

Jon Peattie hit three out of five field goals, but the two he missed were more than makeable. I am still waiting impatiently for a Devin Hester return for a touchdown.

Coaching: B

The offensive play calling was better, but a grade school team could figure out what plays the Hurricanes run in the red zone. Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner needs to spice things up when the offense advances to the opponent’s 20-yard line.

Compiled By Eric Kalis