I would like to express my concern with some misinformed students. Let me explain in clear, written words the etiquette needed for a well-run laundry facility.

For freshmen like Kyna McCartney who think it is rude for people to take clothing out of washers, I simply laugh at their lack of concern for others. Do you not realize they are taking your clothing out because you left it in there too long? Consider this: your cycle is over, so maybe you should be there on time to remove your clothing because the person waiting has the same rights to the machines as you do.

What about the people that complain about broken machines? Well, guess what, they break when people overfill them. Take, for instance, Maggie Tague, who complained that her clothes were not clean enough when she did big loads. Well, gosh, maybe you should take your time and not break the machines for everyone else. It is a crazy idea, I know, but worth a shot.

People, you no longer need to stuff the machines; it does not cost $1.50 per load like it did for the three years I had to do my laundry at school. The machines are free, so don’t even let me hear you complain. I am so sick of these young people coming to this school thinking everything is going to be done for them. Your maids are no longer here, and yes, laundry is a chore that takes time. Once people realize they shouldn’t wait to do five loads of laundry, the rooms might not get so backed up. If you got up and stopped being so lazy, you could get your laundry done. Between the machines being new and being free, I have to give credit to the Student Government for their hard work. I only wish it had not taken so long.

Daniel McBride – Senior