‘Extra credit’ with a professor is never OK

    Dear V,

    This is so bad, but I am considering propositioning my T.A. for a good grade. I hate the class that I’m taking with him, but I really need a good grade in it. It’s not like I want to, but I always dress really well for my class with him and take the time to make sure that I look good. The weird thing is, we get along really well too. Sometimes I think that I could really date this guy! So, what do I do now?

    Climbing to the top

    Dear Reader,

    What’s up brainiac, or should I call you slutface from now on? Sleeping with and/or dating your T.A. while he is in charge of your grade might seem like a good idea right now, but it is bad, bad, bad! Honestly, what would the Honor Council have to say if someone found out that you were getting “preferential treatment” both inside and out of the classroom? How would you like to explain this one to your friends and parents:”Hey Mom and Dad, I got expelled from school for sleeping with my teacher, but my shift at MickeyD’s starts in a few.” I can only imagine!

    OK, because clearly you were absent the day that the difference between right and wrong was supposed to be instilled in your itty-bitty head, lemme break it to you in plain, old English: You cannot sleep with your T.A. to boost your grade because of the ethical conflict it represents. Yes, it’s that unbelievably simple. You see, for the next few months your T.A. fills the role of teacher and grade giver, while you fill the role of dutiful student. To perform any activity outside of the classroom that does not pertain to the material being presented on the inside of the classroom (and no, you cannot contort sleeping with him to boost your grade as pertaining) presents an ethical.

    So, let’s say your teacher invited you out to Chez Fancy Restaurant and paid the bill for your filet in order to discuss your failing grade-this could hardly be construed as justifiable as it’s really so much better to take care of those issues during office hours. Furthermore, if you were propositioned by your professor, male or female, to do anything that compromised these explicit student/teacher roles, it simply would not be acceptable. Sure, you might argue, lots of people break these rules (students babysitting their professor’s kids, etc.) and like anything else in this life there exists a gray area, but in your case there is a definitive answer: No.

    This is not to say that dating him next semester is also against the rules, because it’s definitely not, as long as he’s no longer your T.A. He’ll be fair game then, but not right now. True, it blows that you’ll have to wait until next semester if you really do like him, but hey, if you guys still get along really well and if you’re still interested, at least you’ll know that you do sincerely like him.

    I know that you probably don’t want to hear this, but you already know what you should do, as in you need to get your little tush to the library. Maybe if you devoted half as much of your time to studying for this class as you do to making yourself up you wouldn’t have even begun to consider sleeping with your T.A. as a viable option for passing the class. Just say no to sleeping with your teacher.

    Best of luck (and restraint!)


    Fact O’ the Day… Aphallatosis is a mental disorder that results from the lack of a sex life.

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