Following a tough loss Monday, how hard is it to go into such a hostile environment against Clemson Saturday?

Well, Miami goes into a lot of hostile environments, so I don’t think it will be that different from anything we’ve faced. It’s a very tough place to play, and obviously they beat us last year and they’ve already beaten a very good Texas A&M team, so they have a lot to play for.

How impressive was Tyrone Moss Monday?

I was very pleased with Tyrone Moss. I was concerned about three guys, and he was one of them, as well as our starting quarterback. Both guys did a great job.

What team do you like this year in the NFL and why?

Well, you have to go with the Patriots because they are just so solid and so well coached. They kept their team together pretty much, so you have to like them. Plus I like Vince Wilfork, one of our former players.

How devastating was it to lose Anthony Reddick for the season?

It’s very devastating because he’s a good person, but also a tremendous football player, as well as a tremendous leader back there. I hate to see it happen to anybody, but especially for our team to lose Anthony.

A lot of underclassmen got into the game on defense in the second half against FSU.

How good does it make you feel that they were still so dominate? It makes me feel great because I know Randy Shannon has done a great job with our defense, as have all of our defensive coaches. The way all those guys stepped up and played was really impressive.

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