On girls being teases

I have begun to notice a trend that maybe has always escaped me, but being the infamous defamer that I have become over the last semester, I feel that I must call these people to attention.

In my comings and goings I have noticed a peculiar trend in a lot of women. I think the term for them is “tease.” If you don’t know what a tease is, I will explain: A tease is a female who is incredibly flirty. For example: sitting on guy’s laps, holding his hands, leaning and brushing up against him and outwardly attempting to seduce him with sexual innuendo and double entendres. This person goes no further; she flirts for the sake of flirting even though her actions clearly dictate she wants more. It’s like a very attractive woman coming up to a guy at the bar, dropping him a napkin that says, “Meet me upstairs in 10 minutes: I’ll be naked and waiting.” Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is sex, so when he goes upstairs, she’s clothed like Martha Stewart and watching Lifetime television.

My gripe is when the perpetrators get called out on it, and when asked for more, they raise their fists in feminist fury. They will complain and scowl, calling you a pervert and then ask the golden question, “Who do you think I am?” Apparently he thinks you’re easy as Paris Hilton in night-vision. For example, if a girl hangs out with football players and acts very flirty with them, doing the usual coquettish tease actions I described above, then obviously the football players are going to want sex-that’s what football players do, because apparently they’re not playing football.

What I am trying to get at is, you reap what you sow, and this can be translated to various aspects of our lives. If I have the reputation for, I don’t know, say, writing about Greeks, I shouldn’t be surprised when Greeks get angry at me or I get angry when people expect me to write about Greeks. Let’s say I have a reputation for being lazy; I shouldn’t get angry when people call me lazy. Likewise, if you act like a harlot, expect to be treated like a harlot.

This isn’t to say that if you do act like a harlot, some guy has the right to do as he damn well pleases. What I am saying is that if you create a reputation for yourself through the way you act and dress, don’t be surprised if people act upon that image you have created for yourself. Learn to respect yourself and demand that people respect you. Act in a way that warrants respect and you’ll then have it.

Jovanni Bello can be reached at j.bello2@umiami.edu.