Eenie meenie miny mo

Pink, yellow, red, green-this week all the colors of the rainbow are stepping out in style via fraternities and sororities. Part of the shameless promotion of Greek Life recruitment every Fall semester just a few weeks after the beginning of classes, T-shirts have seemingly become an absolute necessity to Greek life.

As if the numerous brightly colored and sometimes obnoxious T-shirts from formals and mixers aren’t enough, this Fall the T-shirts have been

brighter and better than ever, attracting potentials from all walks of life. Whether Greeks will admit it or not, T-shirts are another lure to the world of sisterhood, brotherhood, mixers, school events and an overall Greek experience.

So watch out for the pink, the yellow, the best, the brightest, the winners, or the ones with high standards because those T-shirts provide more insight to what goes on inside the life of a Greek than you know. So pick

and choose, because this is your chance.

If you aren’t interested, well, here is chance to just be entertained.