Work opportunities abound at UM

Working while attending classes is a common choice for UM students. Part-time positions help students pay for books, food and entertainment, among other expenses.

Student employment positions provide students with great experiences that complement their classroom learning. Any student can log onto the EASY system and find a listing of available jobs.

Three employment program options exist at UM for undergraduate students: Federal Work Study Program, Student Assistant Program and Miami Commitment.

Federal Work Study (FWS), including Community Service Work Study, is a federally funded financial aid program awarded to students based on their eligibility determined by the on time completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and other financial aid criteria.

Funding for this program is limited. Students are awarded a specific amount and may not earn beyond the approved amount as indicated in their Financial Aid Award letter. Jobs may be with on-campus departments or with off-campus community service agencies.

Students are allowed only one FWS assignment at a time; work schedules are flexible to accommodate students’ class schedules. Typically, a student works 10 to 15 hours per week. Pay rates depend on the responsibility of the position.

Students without federal funding are considered Student Assistants and can find jobs in many of the same departments as Federal Work Study students. However, the University must give preference to students in need of financial assistance in their hiring practices. Student Assistants make anywhere from $6.15 to $8 or even higher when they can offer advanced computer skills or have exceptional administrative experience.

Miami Commitment is a selective student employment skill development program at UM. Students admitted as incoming freshmen receive an invitation to apply to the program before the start of the Fall semester.

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