The Hurricane serves students

Staffed entirely by students, The Miami Hurricane is the on-campus newspaper of the University of Miami. Award-winning and regionally and nationally recognized for design, writing and style, the newspaper serves to inform students about all aspects of life.

Employing the talents of writers, designers, editors and photographers, The Hurricane supplies students with articles for an array of interests. A bi-weekly publication, printed on Tuesdays and Fridays, The Hurricane has a circulation of 10,000, making it a rather well known publication in the community.

Following the models of a standard college newspaper, the news section covers on campus events, campus safety, tips and activities sponsored by the organizations on campus-the news that directly affects students. In addition to reporting hard and soft news stories, the The Hurricane provides staffers a chance to voice opinions in the opinion section, some writers even dedicated to a specific column. Combined with a comic and the editorial reflecting the staff opinion on student issues, the paper provides thought-provoking and often humorous content.

Similar to newspaper standards, The Hurricane supplies students with a healthy dose of entertainment with the life and art section, EDGE. EDGE covers both on campus and off campus entertainment, focusing on music, fashion, film, up-and-coming stars and the best on the best events in town. Coupled with unique design, EDGE provides students with a taste of Miami culture outside the books and the on-campus film screenings.

If who’s dating who doesn’t get readers jumping, then the sports section is sure to pique the interests of enthusiasts. Specific to Miami sports, the section gives students a chance to read personal interviews with the athletes and coaches that make Miami such a big sports university. For those who didn’t quite make the cut, the sports section stays up to date with intramural scores, student questions and predictions for the seasons.

The Miami Hurricane can be picked up at any of the distribution boxes on campus located in the residence halls, the Oscar E. Dooly Memorial Classroom Building, the University Center, the Ashe Building and the Wolfson School of Communication. So put down the textbook and let your fingers feel the ink, read The Miami Hurricane.