Student involvement: the best way to a well-rounded experience

Get involved-the phrase couldn’t be any more overplayed as fresh faces and even returning students step back onto college campuses at the beginning of fall semester. Yet, getting involved is one of the most prominent messages delivered to students because it is a statement that couldn’t be any truer. College can be intimidating, and getting absorbed with student organizations, volunteer work or a campus job is the simplest way to meet fellow students, develop relationships with faculty and staff and learn skills to last a lifetime.

Supporting more than 200 student organizations that range from Soccer Club to yearbook to SalsaCraze, the University of Miami provides many opportunities for students to get involved on campus and extend learning beyond the classroom. The University offers involvement opportunities in anything from Student Government and honor societies to cultural and ethnic organizations, so that almost every interest can be fulfilled by at least one student group, if not more. By getting involved students can capitalize on already harbored interests, build a social network, learn leadership and communication skills, and even build a r