Not having wheels isn’t a problem

Miami is a sprawling, bustling city where most people navigate on four wheels, but plenty of alternatives still exist for those students who like to save gas or simply don’t have a ride.

For starters, the University of Miami campus offers the Hurry ‘Cane shuttle. At the flash of a student’s ‘Cane card, riders can relax in the air conditioning and cross campus in a mere five minutes, with drop-off spots at the various academic buildings, garage and residential colleges. This is particularly convenient for rainy days or for when you’re running late to class.

In addition to the Hurry ‘Cane shuttle’s daily service, on Thursdays, students can catch the Ibis Ride shuttle to Coconut Grove that runs every 15 minutes until 3 a.m. For those needing some extra milk or a new shirt for a hot date, the Ibis Ride also leaves from Stanford Circle on Fridays and Saturdays to the local Publix grocery store and Sunset Place shopping area. The Ibis Ride provides a safe and convenient way to go to stores, boutiques, movie theaters, restaurants and clubs.

If students need to go beyond the two-mile radius that surrounds campus, the Metrorail, which costs $1.50 to ride, has stops from Kendall to North Miami. The Metrorail is normally filled with orange-and-green clad students on football game days, but it is equally as safe and reliable when football isn’t the priority.

Otherwise, like all cities, Miami has public transportation such as buses and taxis. Buses cost $1.50 per ride, but monthly student-discounted passes are for sale on campus. Taxis are often the preferred mode of transportation by students, as the phone number consists of, well, one number: 305-444-4444.

If all else fails, campus is rather centrally located in an excellent area of town, so walking is completely safe if executed with some caution. Just use your common sense and don’t walk alone at 3 a.m.-and look both ways before crossing the street.