MyUM is one-stop shop for info

One of the many developments aimed at facilitating a student’s college life at UM is the Information Technology (IT) department’s recently revamped student interface portal called MyUM, a one-stop source for University-related information.

“MyUM is a personalized website that will provide each student with 24/7 access to UM information and services,” Gerry Dana, associate vice president of Applications and Development, said.

With the help of MyUM, students gain access to their academic records, course registration, on-campus recruiting opportunities, financial aid information and much more simply with the use of their ‘Cane ID and Password, which are set during their first visit to the MyUM portal.

“Information is available to each student when he or she needs it, not just during business hours,” Dana said.

In addition to MyUM, the University will continue offering the services of their other systems.

CaneNet, the university’s student computer network, allows students in residential colleges to do everything from surf the Internet to spend hours chatting online, all for free and without tying up their phone lines. To help students get connected to the network, each residential college will set up an area where students can get assistance with CaneNet, purchase hardware and create email accounts during Back-to-School Weekend.

UMSIS is the student university email system, which offers services that surpass AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo. Although these providers allow users to filter and forward email, and keep a personal address book, UMSIS offers additional features without an annual fee. Such services include personal web pages, a calendar and online file storage.

IT gives students storage for email, web pages, class notes and projects with a total of 100 megabytes. Students can also receive email attachments as big as 15 megabytes. In addition to using the web interface, students can send and receive email using Outlook, Outlook Express and Netscape Messenger, services only offered by other providers for an additional charge.

IT is here to help students with their technological and informational needs. For more information on MyUM, CaneNet, UMSIS or any other service offered by IT, visit their website at IT also encourages students to visit their Back To School website at

Beth Hernandez, Project Manager for MyUM, contributed to this article.

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