Miami comes alive at night

3426 Main Highway

Coconut Grove



Sandbar Bar and Grill

A favorite for students, Sandbar Bar and Grill is one of the top nightspots of the Grove. Renowned for good American food and excellent drink prices, the long line from Thursday to Saturday is proof that what is inside is worth the wait outside. In addition, Sandbar plays host to themed nights such as White Trash Tuesday or Open Mic nights.

3416 Main Highway

Coconut Grove



Literally a hole in the wall, Tavern is surprisingly one of the most notorious spots in the Grove. From the soft rock music to the $6 pitchers and the endless sea of UM students, it’s rare when visitors have space to stand. Despite the dingy look and absence of light, Tavern is a Grove staple. If that doesn’t appeal to you, know that during the filming of upcoming film Miami Vice, Colin Farrell, has thrown back a few beers with Tavern bartenders.

1265 Washington Ave.

Miami Beach



An Irish pub in South Beach, Playwrights is anything but glamorous. Sitting pretty on the side of Washington Avenue, the neon green sign sticks out among the long lines outside of nearby populars Mansion, B.E.D. and Crobar. Check out the local scene at Playwrights, but be forewarned because the bouncers are tough.


136 Collins Ave.

Miami Beach