Honor Council helps students protect academic integrity

Anxious to start their college careers, incoming freshmen often experience mixed feelings of anticipation and curiosity as they embark on a new part of life. Questions inevitably arise concerning friendships, activities, professors and, most importantly, academic expectations.

A fundamental part of UM is the Honor Code, a creed that dedicates itself to the values of integrity, honesty and respect. The Honor Code stands to protect the value of the degree that you will earn. Admission to UM is a result of hard work, high ethical standards and self-discipline. College work may become demanding, but it is crucial to remember the values with which admission to this institution was granted. A firm reliance on these values will ensure success no matter what.

By accepting a seat at this institution, each student has agreed to abide by the UM Honor Code. A copy of this code will be given to students at Orientation and can also be found in the Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook.

The Honor Council, a student group consisting of 29 members, is charged with enforcing the Honor Code. The Honor Council has two facets: adjudication and education. Professors at the University are not required to turn in students caught violating the Honor Code to the Honor Council. However, they are encouraged to report any infractions. Side by side with adjudicating cases, the Honor Council also focuses on educating the student body, faculty and staff on issues pertaining to academic integrity.

Honor Council members will be present during Orientation to answer any questions students may have.

For more information, visit www.miami.edu/honor-council or call 305-284-5354.