Campus dining offers myriad of eats

Dining Services has announced the arrival of a new eatery on campus this semester: Wendy’s. Of course, the wide selection already available on campus is not going away.

Residential Dining Facilities-The Hecht-Stanford and Mahoney-Pearson cafeterias offer a wide range of food and menu selections. Both facilities provide a balanced selection of healthy choices and are close to the residential halls.

Convenience Store-The Convenience Store offers a quick one-stop shopping location for everything from the morning newspaper to assorted sundries to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Carts & Jenkins Snack Bar-The mobile carts and the Jenkins Snack Bar are located on the perimeters of campus. They offer the convenience of sandwiches and beverages on the go.

Leo’s Deli-This New York-style deli features fresh meats and cheese as well as freshly baked rolls and breads for its made-to-order sandwiches.

Salsaritas Fresh Cantina-This new Fresh-Mex cantina offers burritos, tacos, quesadillas and more prepared to your liking.

Market Square-Fresh fruits and vegetables are combined to make gourmet salads and soups.

World’s Fare-Try the delicious rotisserie chicken, carved meats or one of the daily specials.

Jamba Juice-Try their delicious, nutritious, all-natural energizing smoothies and juices.

Tsunami Sushi-This kiosk features freshly made sushi in packaged containers.

Panda Express-Panda Express offers freshly cooked Asian cuisine with the consistency of a national brand.

Sbarro-A popular late-night meeting spot in close proximity to the residential halls, the swimming pool and games area. Sbarro is located in the University Center and opens until midnight, seven days a week.

STARBUCKS-Located across from the Richter Library, this universal favorite provides mocha frappuccinos and sweet treats that hit the spot.