Coach’s Corner

The team had a great rally Friday night to preserve Cesar Carrillo’s unbeaten streak. Was the historic element of Cesar’s streak a factor in the late-inning rally? Do you think the team steps it up when he is pitching?

I think the guys recognize Cesar’s streak and don’t want to break it.

Brandon Camardese looked much better on Saturday. His location was on point throughout his start. Are you more comfortable with him down the stretch in the starting rotation?

He is our for-sure No. 2 starter, so I better be comfortable with him.He’s the one who’s going to be in the game for us down the line.

Can you compare this year’s Florida State team to the past few that you have gone up against? Are they better or worse than in year’s past?

Florida State has a good team every year. They always play hard and are very competitive. And, no matter who they play, they always play good against us, regardless of how they played before going against us.

Does Sunday’s loss put a major damper in the team’s morale, or does the satisfaction of winning a series against a rival override that?

I tried not to emphasize Sunday’s game. We really didn’t play well in all phases of the game. You kind of have to mark that up as a bad game. We’ve got to move on and go play Maryland this week.

What do you think of the hiring of Katie Meier as the new women’s basketball coach, since she was at the game on Saturday?

She has been successful at everything she has done, from being a rookie of the year at Duke to becoming an All-American. I think her resume is outstanding and she has been in the right coaching situations and has gotten great experience in those positions. I have heard nothing but good things about her.