Strange and Beautiful

Mellow, solid vocals. The instrumentals are mostly piano and drums; the lyrics are about forlorn love and dramatic relationships. Music is lethargic but moving. The lyrics seem to be really meaningful and relate to listeners and possible life situations. The vocalist has a sweet sound to his voice and combined with the smooth melody, the music invokes a sense of euphoria. Definitely should be classified as borderline emo; most definitely easy-listening.


Lost and Found

Typical to the Mudvanye style. Twelve racks of hardcore rock and screaming. Made for intense music listeners. The lyrics deal with serious issues such as suicide, determination for success and death. The melodies, if you can call them that, consist of strong drums and guitar. Meant to be played on the highest volume possible. Host a rock concert and turn up the Mudvanye. Be sure to wear scary makeup and smear fake blood on the walls.

Steel Train

Twilight Tale From the Prairies of the Sun

A combination of folk and slow rock. The five man band presents 15 tracks of upbeat yet soft three-minute mini-stories. Some songs talk of drugs, specific women and alternative subjects. Artwork on the CD is incredible but very out-there. Track 10, “Tickle Your Toes,” begins with a blues feel, but the influences felt from all different genres of music. General feel-good music.

Self Against City

Take It How You Want It

Similar to many emo-punk rock bands. Sounds are reminiscent of Something Corporate and a less-depressing The Postal Service. The lead singer’s voice is pleasant to listen to and good for a long drive. The songs are very drum based. Despite their good sound, they will have to fight for recognition in a genre that is so competitive.