Faktura was Fabulous

Jacquelyn Jackson Johnston, a recent graduate of Barnard College and originally a UM student, recently opened FAKTURA art gallery. The opening on April 16 was in high attendance of friends, family and artgoers. Developing a name in the art world can be a discouraging task, but Johnston’s talent and determination so far point towards a steady climb to success. The opening exhibited pieces look at the medium used and how that medium is viewed. The show also exbitied works by three other artists: Sven Barth, Ann Everton and Santiago Rubino.

The gallery, located in Little Haiti, is in an area with multiple developing rooms. The well-lit space, with high ceilings and a work area in the back, provide the perfect balance of studio and gallery. Johnston’s art extends into the brightly tiled bathroom, where pictures of the original bathroom hang, showcasing her renovation work.

Johnston primarily showed paintings, while the other artists presented drawings and performance art. The gallery will remain open with the FAKTURA show Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5 p.m., or by appointment. For more information, visit www.FAKTURAgallery.com

Aj Sarcione can be contacted at a.sarcione@umiami.edu.